How to Keep your Jewelry Looking Brand New

Here at The Village Jeweler, we always make sure our customers jewelry is always looking its best. We have defined a simple two step process that can remove years of built up dirt and grime within minutes. 

Our Process

First, we place the jewelry in an ultrasonic machine with our specialized jewelry cleaning detergent. The machine sends ultrasonic waves through the jewelry, loosening up and knocking out dirt from the deepest parts of the piece. Then we remove the piece, and ensure that all the debris was removed, if not we use specialized tools to remove anything left. Finally, we turn on our high powered steamer, and blow away any detergent or dirt that might have had a chance to cling on. After that, the jewelry looks brand new!

Try it at Home

Although you might not have an ultrasonic or a high powered steamer in your home, you can always clean it at your leisure. You'll need a toothbrush, dawn dish soap, and warm water. Mix the dish soap with the water, and use the toothbrush to get as much dirt out as you can. Afterwards, run it under warm water and it should be good to go. Of course, you could always bring it in to The Village Jeweler for cleaning and we would be happy to make it look like new!

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